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When Voldermort was reduced to little more than spirit after his attack on Harry when Harry was a baby... how did Voldermort keep his wand all those years? He didn't have hands or pockets... where did he put it? We know that he still has it because he uses it against Harry in GoF.

Same question with Sirius, how did he get his wand back after he escaped from Azkaban?
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In Sirius's case, I'd say that he just got a new one (somehow). They most definitely snapped his old one when he was arrested, so it can't be the same wand he got when he was a kid.

Voldemort? Wow, I have no idea. Maybe he had Quirrel or Wormtale dig it up at the Godrics Hollow site. But then, wouldn't it have rotted? I'm confused too.
I think Lupin bought Sirius a new one..but you can never no for sure..and Voldemort...uh...not a clue
As far as Sirius, I assume he just bought a new one. He did manage to get Harry the Firebolt after all.

And with Voldemort, I've always just assumed that one of the Death Earters grabbed it. I mean, it would be some pretty pathetic servents to all forget to grab their masters greatest weapon. Maybe Wormtail even? It's a theory.
He can't of bought a new one.. remember the "Ooooh, no! It can't be this wand that the alltime famous Harry Potter chooses!" scene in book one? Oh.. and in book 4. Theres the bnig thing about it.
You CAN use another wand (remember, Neville and Ron both used inherited wands for quite a while), it just won't work quite as well as one that chooses you.