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A clue from JKR

I have no idea if this has been posted in the harry_potter community because I do not watch it anymore, but I haven't seen it posted here or at the Golden Snitch.


Any thoughts on JKR's latest statement, as seen in this weeks Time Magazine where she says:

"Why didn't Dumbledore kill, or try to kill, Voldemort?" JK Rowling, posing one of two questions she says no one has yet asked about her Harry Potter book series but should have. The other is, Why didn't Voldemort die?

If there has been a discussion on this already, I apologize, and would definitely appreciate any links to it.

We already know that Voldemort is a very powerful wizard, and one who has always wanted command over death. I think it's very possible that he has enchanted himself so that anyone who tries to kill him will die themselves. This would explain why Dumbledore does not try to kill him -- he knows it is pointless. I also think it has alot to do with the prophesy. Dumbledore knows that the prophesy says it is Harry, and Harry alone, who has the power to destroy Voldemort. He would not try to interfere with that.

As to why Voldemort didn't die, I think it must have something to do with the curse rebounding on him rather than being directed at him by Harry. We know that Harry was protected by his mother's love...she died to save him, and so the dark magic Voldemort tried to use against him rebounded on him instead. I wonder, even, if it was Avada Kedavra that hit Voldemort. I think it's very possible that the love shield around Harry altered Voldemort's curse so that it became something else, something that wasn't intended to kill but was intended to rob Voldemort of his powers (his body and his strength) and reduce him to something harmless.

How this matters to the final chapter of book 7, though, I just don't know. Voldemort has overcome the love shield by taking some of Harry's blood to help him resurrect himself. And knowing that Harry has to kill Voldemort doesn't clarify how he's supposed to do something like that when Voldemort is seemingly invincible.

Thoughts? Comments? Theories?
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