Razzle Dazzle ♫♪ (starchild_dream) wrote in hpbooks,
Razzle Dazzle ♫♪


46 weeks! o_o Wow this community is........dead?
No no no! We cannot have that!

Hello, my name is Jaz (Moony for short), I'm your new owner/mod/headmaster/etc.

True, as I must admit myself as to liking the movies, I do prefer the books more. It's a lot better when you can take your time, when there isn't a two-hour limit on the fun. You can imagine everything the way you'd like it to be, even though it looks nifty on screen, you can have it your way in the imagination world.
Well, there's a lot more in the books...that's the main reason.
That and I can read it wherever I go.
La la la. o_o

Well, I'm off. Let's breathe some life into this place!
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If it matters, I'm ready to promote the community somehow :D
:D Yay!
There promotion communities around...my co-mod Padfoot works on that I think.
If we have promo banners, I got a list of communities!