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Fans of the Harry Potter Books

We all know the books are better than the movies...

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Do you like Harry Potter? Are you a fan of the books, but not the movies? Then this is the place for you!

Here you can talk about the books: what you like, what you didn't like, what you hope to see in future books. Anything and everything related to the books!
We don't have many rules, but the ones we do have are strictly enforced. Follow them and we'll all be happy.

1. Please, don't talk about the movies. We are here for the books, not the movies.
2. Don't flame. If someone posts something you disagree with, let it pass. Any flamers will be warned, then banned if they continue.
3. Anything from the most current book, which is Half-Blood Prince currently, which has spoilers MUST be cut. If you don't cut it, you will be asked to edit your post and given a decent amount of time to do it. If you don't comply, your post will be deleted.
4. Discuss, don't fight. Please, be kind to your fellow fans. :)
5. Any large images should be cut. Use your own judgement. If you want to be safe, just cut any image. :) (Don't know how to make a LJ-cut? Go here.
6. Long posts should also be cut to save dial-up users.
7. No off-topic posts.
8. Please, don't swear. Anyone is welcome here, and that includes children.
9. Try not to type in all caps, or netspeak. Not only can it be hard to read, it's also annoying, not to mention typing in all caps is considered shouting. :)

Have fun!