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So after reading OotP last summer, I was left feeling extremely sad, of course. I thought a few times of re-reading it, and just couldn't bring myself to do it, knowing I would be left once again with a great cloud of sadness over me.

However, I was recently inspired to read all 5 books, and just finishing Order of the Pheonix, I felt much better than the first time. It's like Sirius was someone close to me, and it took me this long to accept his death. And I do believe that Hagrid was right when he said that's the way Sirius would have preferred to have gone.

And I did cry when it got to the part after Dumbledore explained everything, and then said that he didn't make Harry prefect because he thought Harry had too much too deal with already... and then a tear fell down his face. That just gets me.

And while we're on the subject of finishing book 5, I WANT BOOK 6 NOW.

I just thought I'd share, and in a place where people understand me... I couldn't imagine posting this in my LJ!
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