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Books over Movies anyday

I first heard of Harry Potter when the first movie came out and because it was everywhere and hyped to the max it put me off the whole thing. I thought it was a kiddies movie and wasn't interested although I've always liked magical stories and things like that, I thought I might have liked it but didn't want to see a childrens film that is over-hyped.

About a year later my boss at work, who I get along great with, asked if I'd read the books as he'd just finished the fifth book and thought that they were great and him have read a lot of the same books and have similar interests in a lot of things fantastical....this left me surprised that he'd read what I believed to be kiddies books...I work in a shop that buys & sells things - new & old - and someone had sold us the first four books in a box set (sealed) about a week earlier and we still had them floating about...I decided to buy the books in the box for a total of £6 and began reading the first one on the bus home...Harry was at the zoo when I had to get off the bus and when I got home I continued reading for most of the night. I was amazed how captivating the story was.

I've now read all five books. I had to go buy the fifth book from a shop up town for the regular cover price (Hardback = £16.99) and I also bought two Barry Trotter novels at the same time.

It was after reading the first couple of books that the movie of Philosophers Stone came into my work second hand and I purchased it and came home that night and watched it and was upset at the slower pace the movie has compared to the book.

I love the books and only quite like the movies. This is proven by the fact that after reading the five books that are available at the moment I began reading them again yet I still haven't been bothered to go see the Prisoner of Azkaban movie yet...I know I'll eventually get round to seeing it but I probably won't bother with the cinema release...I'll see it when it comes out on disc and even then probably just wait until it comes into my work because I got the first two films that way so why change now?

Anyway...that's my fanatical post about how much I now love the books. I'm one of the most obsessed HP fans I know, actually I'm the only one I know. I always find this amusing considering how much I hated Harry Potter before even reading the books or seeing the movies...I think the hype that was around the first movie killed it to start with for me and I hadn't heard of the books untill after the first movie release.


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