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Discussion - HBP

Yes, I know it might be quite overdone a discussion, but I want to hear what people have to say about it here.

Who do you think the mysterious R.A.B. is?

It's most commonly believed to be Regulus Black, Sirius's younger brother who was a Death Eater but then abandoned all things Voldemort (according to Sirius) at one point and was thusly killed. Was it ever said if Regulus was killed before or after Harry's parents were killed? Or how long that potion was there?

So, who do you think R.A.B. is? Regulus? Or perhaps someone else with similar initials? Or maybe someone who doesn't even HAVE those initials (Snape?*)who was in on a little conspiracy with Regulus who wanted to right some of the wrongs he did and had them use his initials to serve as a decoy so Voldemort and co. would be like "Damn! Well we already killed him! No other traitors to deal with!"

Thoughts anyone?

*He IS a potions guru
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